Decoding Funnels

Decoding funnels

In this article of Decoding Funnels, you will read about –

  • What is a funnel?
  • Domain Name & its importance 
  • Reliable Hosting Service
  • Why not choose a hosted platform for your website

What is a funnel

Everything starts with a marketing effort whether something big or small. If you are reading this article it is clear that either you are interested in some kind of marketing as funnels are the best friends for marketers like you and me. Funnels compose a very large market share when it comes to affiliate marketing and if you are an affiliate marketer you are on the correct page. Funnels are everywhere whether in online business or offline business

In context to affiliate marketing, we can say a sales funnel is a tool which takes your customers step by step through the entire sales journey. 

Website - The Most essential tool in affiliate marketing

Website is the easiest and fastest way, a beginner can reach its goal in Affiliate Marketing. It is the most important foundation of your affiliate marketing business. There are other tools which really depends on you having a website. So basically a to make a website you must have three things in place and these are Domain name, Hosting Service and Platform you choose to build your website on. So let’s talk about them one by one.

As by now, you know what is the sales funnel so it is time to decode it but wait before that let us understand why do we need a sales funnel? What impact will it make to our business?

Why do you need a funnel?

To start with, to give essence to the funnel you may need a product which can be a physical product or service or you may also use your funnel to collect leads for your business. Other than that you may use the funnel to drive traffic to your website. Sometimes some marketers use funnels to promote a post or a video to get views. But before I go further the most important aspect of a funnel to be successful is to get traffic towards it. If you do not get traffic how well you make the funnel it will not fetch you any money.

Some of the best ways to get traffic on your funnel are by ads or by youtube or being a guest. When I said guest, I meant that becoming a guest blogger on someone’s blog or being a guest on someone’s podcast or on a being a guest on someone’s youtube video. Youtube has a great algorithm and pushes the videos on the basis of what the viewer wants to watch therefore if you make a video about the product you have embedded in the funnel you will be able to push traffic to your funnel and see the conversions. 

Tools required in building a funnel

There are different types of tools one may need to build a funnel and these are as follows. While Decoding any funnel below are the essentials

A Product

A domain name

A hosting

A lead magnet

A landing page builder

A funnel builder 

An email marketing software

A CMS to display the funnel mostly people use WordPress


The entire purpose of a funnel is to acquire customers and increase sales by promoting a product. When we talk about a product in terms of Funnels we normally mean a physical product or a digital product or Lead Generation. Lead generation itself is an important process in terms of building funnels. For a different type of products, different funnels are used. 

Domain Name

It is important for you to have a domain name to post your funnel. There is software like click funnels and other software which do not require a domain name. They create a subdomain automatically when you create a funnel but if you are using a tool like Elementor to build a funnel which is eventually free for life you will need a domain and I strongly suggest that you should have your own domain name. So to get one you may click any one of the links below


Once you have a domain name you need a hosting plan to actually make a website with the domain name you just purchased or already have one and post your funnel on that. You may or might had heard to a lot of people saying to you that take a cheap hosting or hosting is not that important. With my twelve years of experience in building websites, I must tell you that it is one of the most important factors in your online success. I was on a shared host and my website used to get hacked, slowed down, virus infusions and what not. Always take a host which has a combination of service and brand value.

During these years, I used Hostgator, a local host, Bluehost and cloud hosting. I must tell you that Bluehost is the worst of all of them I used. As of today, you should choose cloud hosting. In my view, the best option for cloud hosting is Fastcomet. To visit FastComet click here. I use FastComet personally and that is why I recommend it to you. With Hostgator, my website had always issues because it used to get stuck with a virus. If you are just starting I suggest that you may want to remain on a budget hosting for a year or two and then would want to move on a premium host like Kinsta.

Premium Hosting

The other way around maybe like if you can really spend and budget is not an issue and you are thinking of expanding your business big you may also look up at Kinsta. Kinsta offers a guarantee for malware and hacks protection and I know some very famous bloggers using it as their primary hosting partner so it can be one of the options you might be interested in looking at.

Funnel Builder

Once you have a domain name and a hosting plan it is time to get your domain name a fully functional website where visitors can come and see your funnel with the help of your hosting plan. To build a website either one must be well versed with coding or the other option is to use a CMS. CMS means content management system for example WordPress or Drupal etc. There are many CMS which you can use but I strongly suggest all my students and clients to select WordPress at the initial level. WordPress is one of the most versatile CMS and it is well supported with free and paid plugins and themes.

You will also find loads of developers and support forums in case you land in some kind of serious trouble with the website which is on WordPress. It is also fully equipped to handle any kind of website whether a blog, a shoppe or a portfolio. WordPress also receives at this point a good amount of updates. To install WordPress to your hosting account please follow this guide. Once you install WordPress you need to install a plugin called Elementor to build a funnel. You may look at this tutorial which tells how to build a funnel with Elementor. If you are not comfortable with Elementor you may also look at a funnel software like Groove Funnels. To visit Groove Funnels Click Here.

Landing Page

There are many ways you may build a landing page. My first recommendation is to build via Elementor which is a free plugin in WordPress. Elementor can also be used to build a website using WordPress CMS with help of a host on your domain name. If you are not well versed with how to use elementor please watch this video.

If you are not ok with elementor you may use a landing page builder like Active campaign which is also an Email Marketing Software. It is one of the best email marketing software which also let you create a landing page. You may click here to know more. It integrates very well with WordPress to and other platforms. There are some free plugins in WordPress which have free landing page templates and same can be used to create a landing page.

email Marketing

Email Marketing is an important tool for your funnel if you would want to create leads for your business. It is always important to have a good email list for whatever reason you have a website for your business. To have a good and big email list is an added advantage for your growth as an online entrepreneur. There are several email marketing software in the market. I as a marketer strongly suggests Active Campaign as the software you should be looking at. It will also be your landing page builder. If you would like to know about Active campaign click here

lead magnet

The lead magnet acts as a reward to your lead for signing up in your funnel. Without the lead magnet, you may not be able to generate many leads for your funnel. Lead magnets are generally an ebook which you are giving for free, it can also be a workshop which you offer for free and I must tell you that workshops are very effective way building your reputation among your leads as it has the personal touch when you speak to people directly via an online meeting platform or a conference in a hotel. The other lead magnet can be a challenge which may improve their skill. Challenges are a good way to make someone involved with your funnel and these challenges also lay a platform for future transactions.

Nowadays, a new lead magnet is used by marketers and it is also very effective as it really helps you to generate leads and most people call them a checklist or a dashboard which can be helpful in resolving pain points in their business. Another Lead magnet which people offer is a mini-course on youtube or on their website on any topic related to the funnel they have. Now once you know which lead magnet you want to use you may be able to generate loads of leads for your business. 

follow up sequence

The next step in the funnel is the follow-up sequence. Which is basically sending automated emails or responses to your signups to buy the product. This sequence requires you to have an email marketing software and more details will be in the email marketing post. 



With the above insights in Decoding Funnels, I hope I was able to give you basic insights about the steps required to create a funnel. 

The above-mentioned tools are just a suggestion and you may use them at your risk and understanding. If you have any questions you are free to ask at the product developer page or contact us via contact us page.

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