Fastcomet hosting Review

Why FastComet? - Fastcomet Hosting Review

FastComet seems to be a new name in the web hosting industry but actually, it has been around for quite a time now.

When I heard about FastComet for the very first time, my impression was, should I trust a company new in the market?

What will happen to my website if the company is dissolved? etc etc.

However, when I read about the company I was surprised to know that the company was in the web hosting business since 2013. 

I have been on several web hosting services since 2008.

As I grew, I wanted to have a new host with better services and features.

I purchased a hosting service in March 2020 with a company in anticipation that I will grow my websites further with this particular host. 

After a couple of months, my websites started getting affected by malware which I had no clue about.

I tried resolving issues with them.
But I was wasting so much time in removing malware that I could not do for what I really came on the WebHost.

Finally, I decided to look for a new WebHost and I found FastComet.

Siteground vs Fastcomet - Fastcomet Hosting Review

I had considered Siteground for hosting my websites but their prices are way higher than the competition.

Also, due to the Pandemic, they had closed their operations in most South East Asia countries.

They also did this on the continent of Africa.

This move of SiteGround is very unfortunate for all the users who use them.

Also, It created a lot of uncertainty for users who use them in countries where they operate thinking they can shut down their operations anytime in any country.

So I decided to stay away from them and I do advice you for the same. 

As , I decided to move away from Siteground, I was looking for a new web host.  A web host which can really help me uplift my website and my business. 

In today’s world speed is everything. Google does page rank on the basis of page speed. There so many free tools which can really check the speed of the page free of cost. One of them which is very popular is called GTmetrix. You can check the speed of your website using GTmetrix. To access GTmetrix. Click here. 

I strongly suggest that you make a free account on GTmetrix. With an account, you can choose different servers on GTmetrix to check your website speed and structure strength.

Keeping that in mind I started looking for a web host which is good in speed and that is how I found Fastcomet. 

FastComet is a very good alternative for Siteground as it is an SSD Cloud hosting provider. It also provides a Cpanel for the ease of backend operations. It offers Free SSL from Lets Encrypt. To know more about LetsEncrypt please click here. It also offers free website migration on all its plans. 

Types of Hosting in Fastcomet - Fastcomet Hosting Review

FastComet provides many types of hosting environment and these are as follows :

  • Shared Hosting,
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated CPU Servers
  • Woocommerce Hosting
  • OpenCart Hosting
  • Magneto Hosting

The type of hosting you as a customer should select is entirely dependent on the traffic you have, the need for storage and the bandwidth you require.

If your daily visits which are unique in nature are more than 2000 than I strongly suggests that you should go ahead with Cloud VPS or Dedicated Hosting. 

The cheapest is the shared hosting.  Shared hosting is a hosting where a server is shared by many users without compromising the security and privacy of the data.

If you are a beginner I strongly suggest you use a shared plan.  Fastcomet has basically three types of shared plans and these are Fastcloud, Fastcloud Plus & Fastcloud Extra. The one  I use is FastCloud Extra as it provides 35GB SSD storage, 6GB RAM & it has 6 Core CPU. It also provides 3 Managed website migration for Free. Also, in this plan, you will get 100,000 unique visits per month. 

As of today, these are the plans of Fastcomet for shared hosting:

Every shared plan of FastComet provides Cpanel & Softaclues. 

It also provides Daily backups, Cloudflare integration, Free SSL, Website Transfer, Multiple PHP versions and many more options.

The support is awesome in every plan and also included is a website builder and unlimited email accounts.

More about the plans - Fastcomet Hosting Review

FastCloud is a basic plan and the cheapest one also.

However, it is only suitable for one website. I strongly recommend that you should not just keep your hosting plan to one website.

There are situations when you might have to test your CMS with a test domain but if you are with the single domain hosting plan you lose an opportunity to test.  Also, there will be times when you would like to forward a new domain.  In such a case, if your hosting plan has only website support you will be required to buy a new hosting plan. So, it is better than in the beginning itself you have a plan which supports multiple domain names. 

You might be thinking that I can buy the cheapest plan right now and then later I will upgrade it. 

In such cases, users upgrade the plan which is more expensive than the plan you buy for the very first time.

If you have an unlimited domain plan you have an opportunity for growth without spending a penny on the same server.

I always suggest to my users, clients and students that they should acquire the FastCloud Extra plan which has unlimited domain support plus RocketBooster.

So that one does not have to worry about bandwidth and having said that I suggest the FastCloud Extra. 

Rocket booster is designated only to FastCloud Extra plan and it has many features like Memcached, Varnishcache & WAF, LiteSpeed LSAPI etc

Also, if you are a developer it is loaded with support features on Bash, Perl, Python, MySQL, Node.js, Laravel and many more. 

Data Centers - Fastcomet Hosting Review

They have 11 data centres across the world and each data centre is equipped with 2500+ servers and is of enterprise-class. If we talk about region wise data centres these are as follows:

Mumbai, IN

Chicago, USA

Newark, USA

Dallas, USA

Toronto, CA

London, UK

Amsterdam, NL

Frankfurt, DE

Tokyo, JP

Singapore, SG

Sydney, AUS

Each server is equipped with handling a website hosted on it.


The other plus point about FastComet is that if you have chosen a server at the time of buying the hosting you are eligible to change it later.

This means you can change the current location of the server to any other location at no cost.  And you can do all this with help of their super friendly and highly skilled support.

The same is not provided by most of the hosting services moreover this is free of cost.

It happened to me once that, when I was with a hosting company in India. I used to use their hosting server which was located in  India.

During that time I started getting loads of traffic on my website from the USA. Seeing this, I wanted to move my websites to the USA based server.

However, it was denied to me because I have to choose a server at the beginning of my service. The only option I had was to buy a separate hosting plan from them and migrate my website by paying a fee to a developer. I was ready to pay a fee for migration but I wanted the hosting company to do it for me. But they did not accept that and asked me to get it done myself. 

However,  this was not the case with Fastcomet. It was done with absolutely no charge. 

You might never know from which region you start getting the traffic from. And if you have an option to move your server it is always better rather than going for CDN. This will save you a lot of money.

Bluehost vs Fastcomet - Fastcomet Hosting Review

Bluehost is a brand that is recommended by WordPress on their website. However, Bluehost is still using an HDD server that is Harddisk drive servers. 

Fastcomet may not be recommended WordPress but it stands tall against Bluehost by providing SSD servers. SSD is the type of  Harddisk which Apple uses in its laptop. SSD is a flash drive which no mechanical parts and it is all electrical in nature. Having said that it is a very fast hard disk giving the server a boost in its speed. 

You can buy Bluehost if you do not know much about WordPress and you are new to the website building. It might be difficult for you to understand why you should Fastcomet rather than Bluehost. Bluehost is also providing free SSL plus it is giving a free domain name.  Fastcomet stands number 1 at the moment in budget hosting.


Bluehost has 2 data centres whereas Fastcomet has 11 data centres. Bluehost is part of the Endurance group which also owns Hostgator and I did use it before too.

Some people have a complaint that Bluehost hosting got the website infected with malware. We really do not have any proof to say that it is true but still you need to make sure that you are well aware of what you are going to choose. 

For some of them, I was unable to clear the malware and I lost all my traffic to them in the course of this event. One of them was in the developing stage and I kept on looking for the malware and found out that there is a script that has Endurance name in it which is being detected in the malware scan.

The hosting company is responsible to ensure that there are no hacks and malware infections on your website as it is the gateway to your website. Any malware infections you get from the internet do pass through the hosting service. 

Bluehost has a very poor record on trust pilot. There score is just 2.5 out of 5. You may visit the trust pilot page here

Fastcomet has a good score on trust pilot which is about 4.7 out of 5. You may visit the trust pilot page here 

Whatever the trust pilot says ultimately it is your decision to buy any one of the web hostings. A lot of people do not believe in these scores hence I do not endorse them fully. 

Security - Fastcomet Hosting Review

As we have discussed security issues with other hosting providers above let us see what FastComet has to offer in terms of security.

Each of the plans has a free SSL included with it.

The SSL is not restricted to one particular domain as it is available for any number of domains you have in your account. The SSL lock gives a sense of safety to your visitors who visit your website.

In a survey, it was found that a website with an SSL certificate has chances of an increase in traffic. Around 51% of users mentioned that they do not want to browse a website without a secure lock. 

They also have a web application firewall that protects your website from malicious attacks. Malicious attacks are bad for your website and its health. Your website must not be structured or hosted in a way that attracts these kinds of attack.

It would become really difficult for the website to achieve ranking on Google and Yahoo. Malicious attacks can be injections of malware into the script, cross-site scripting, in your webserver etc. 

With web application firewalls they have also included an extra layer of security in the form of BitNinja. What it does is that combines protection against malware and script injection. It also prevents the website from any type of automated attacks. 

One of the most admirable features of FastComet is the Daily Backups which are included in every plan you buy with FastComet.

The basic plan which is FastCloud and a mid plan which is FastCloud Plus both have 7 days back up with conditional one-click restoration.

The most loaded plan which is FastCloud Extra has a backup of 30 days again with conditional one-click restoration. You can see your backups in Cpanel. 

Building a website

Building a website is one of the reasons for anyone to buy a hosting plan.  Fastcomet makes it easier for you as a user to launch a website on its server.

Most of the users who buy shared hosting build a website on CMS.

CMS means content management system. With FastComet you get 1 click installation of the CMS via Softaculous which is included in the hosting plan you buy from FastComet. You can verify the same in the image below in the Software tab. 

I strongly suggest that you should build your website with WordPress. WordPress is FreeCMS and offers lots of free plugins and Themes. You may use the Elementor Page builder to build your website. Elementor comes with a free and pro version. I use a free version on my website. This website itself is built with WordPress and a free version of elementor. There are loads of free addons on top of the elementor which increases its capability.

Fastcomet Hosting Review

Conclusion - Fastcomet Hosting Review

FastComet is one of the best budget shared cloud hosting. I strongly recommend FastComet. If you are interested in buying FastComet please click the button below.

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