Powerful Tips For Email Marketing

Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

In this article of Powerful Tips For Email Marketing, you will read about –

  • Email Marketing in question?
  • 9 Powerful Tips for your email marketing success

Email Marketing in question

The first question which is very important to answer here before going into the depths of email marketing is whether email marketing is really important?
Is it necessary to do email marketing for your business? 

If you are looking for these answers then you are in the right place.

Today in this article I will be covering all the major points why as a marketer or a business owner you should use email marketing.

Let’s find out

Tip-1- Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

Let us start with the first tip of the topic Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing works.

It is 40% more effective in acquiring new customers than social media.

The reason is very simple because we use email for both personal and professional use.

Sometimes some users have 3 to 4 emails to handle different kinds of situations like business email, personal email, hobby email etc.

If you compare this with social media most of the people who are of senior age do not use social media.

Social media is more used by the young generation rather than people who are above 50 but they use email.

Almost 90% of people use email. My uncle who is an old man in his seventies uses email for all of his work.

He is not into social media and that is why with email marketing one can tap these potential customers too. On the other hand, all the businesses revolve around email.

Tip-2 - Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

Email helps you to share long conversations with a personal touch right into the inbox of the person.

The person with whom you are interested to share the conversation.

Instead of posting some content on a social media wall where everyone can read about your conversation, it’s better to send an email.

By doing this you are building a personal relationship with the user.

Using an email also lets you share links to the receiver with images and videos together embedded in the email.

Unlike Twitter where you have a character limit and on Facebook, where you have to choose between an image or video to share your thoughts.

The best way is to combine social media marketing with email marketing.

When you do that it is really powerful as you can drive traffic from social media to your email list and use that later as a tool to grow your business.

Tip-3 - Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

A message is more likely to be seen in an email than on a social media platform.

With the help of an email, you can express your deal to the prospect in your own way with any number of words.

You will also see that you can do this without leaking the special deals you have for your client.

If you try to do the same thing on a social media platform you may expose special offers you have for your client to everyone.

You may not be able to express yourself fully on social media. This happens because there is a word limit to it.

Also at the same time, you can mix video and images to it.

tip-4 - Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing has a very good ROI that is up to 4400%.

Depending on your campaign that is itself a fantastic return on money invested.

Some people say that email marketing is not giving them ROI.

Have you ever given a thought to why people experience this?

Sometimes some newbies get carried away by this and they never experience the power of email marketing.

So let us understand why this happens.

This happens because most marketers send email to their leads when they really do not want them to do it. 

Most of the people become very aggressive the moment they receive a lead and then try to bombard the email with newsletters and other stuff. 

This kind of act really annoys the lead who signed up for the email.

It is a good practice to take consent of your sign up by authorising you to send them emails. Companies like Activecampgain offer double optin in to ensure that subscriber is aware of the signup. In case it is accidental or unknown signup. The moment the user enters the email the very first email which they get is seeking confirmation of their action. 

This can also be done by a tick box or yes/no option. It is going to shrink your email list but still, you will have a solid list of emails that will really convert.


A lot of marketers have a long list of leads with them.

What they usually do is that they keep sending them emails. They do this without realising that they are sending these to inactive users.

Inactive users are those who do not open the email they receive from you. Email marketing companies like Active Campaign have settings by which you will know which user opened your email and which user did not. 

However, this is not the case with every email marketing company. Some of them keep charging you for the inactive users.

And the reason they give is that they are on the list.

Also, if you do not remove inactive users from your email list it means that you are actually lowering your engagement rate.

The fact of the matter is that some email service providers take the email open rate very seriously. And for that matter, you must send emails to people who read your emails.

If you get the email open rate at about 30 to 40% you will notice that your emails start landing in the inbox than other tabs.


Copywriting is an important aspect of the content you use in your emails.

A lot of people love including emails and graphics in their emails.

However, one must understand when someone you know maybe your school buddy, will he send you an email which is like a brochure of items?


If as a friend a person will never do it then why as a business we treat our leads differently.

Emails are complex yet simple therefore keep them straight and to the point.

Nowadays people do not have time to read long emails.

Time is money so it is important to keep the emails you sent to your clients simple, short and to the point.

At the same time do not overstuff your email copy with links and if you do that then in such case your email is going to land in the spam box.

Always Keep your Emails Sweet and Short.


When you are just starting to send an email.


When you are new to the email marketing system please ensure that you prevent yourself from being blacklisted by the email providers.

A lot of people when starting new just keep sending emails without doing much research about the content they have entered.

On the other hand, they sometimes buy email lists or keep sending the content to people who have no link to their business.

This kind of activity will lead to spamming allegations and ultimately it will lead them to the blacklisted email sender.

When you buy an email list you are doing nothing but hurting your open rate. We discussed the open rate and how important it is in the previous tip. When you are sending emails to people who have not subscribed to you actually are wasting your time & money. 

Think it through, will you just open any email which looks like spam? 

Will you like to receive emails that have no relation to you or your business or what you do?

I do not need to tell you the answer because you know it yourself. 


To prevent such complications in your email marketing system ensure you grow your list organically.

Having said that, you should have an email list that you really put the effort into. Also, the email content should be linked to your business.

Sometimes you might have some link in your email which leads to a website that is blacklisted by different agencies. 

Just ensure that you do not use such links.

Sometimes affiliate links can cause such issues and to make sure it does not happen to you have affiliate links from a trusted source. 

Or try to mask your affiliate links. You can do so by shortening them.

You can also put the link on your web page and then share that link in the email.  


As an email marketer, it is important for you to have some policies in place.

There can be many policies you might have but one of them should always be the win back policy. In other words, you might want to run it as a campaign.

Win back policy or campaign is for those leads who are not getting engaged with the emails you send them.

It is an important decision for the business you do that you must have a win back policy or campaign in place. 

Now the question is how do you do it?

Well, there are many ways to do this. 

It can be any one of the below or a combination of them. It is when you offer  them a free –

  • course created by you or by someone you know
  •  plugin 
  • ebook
  •  template 
  • checklist
  • bonus 
  • one on one training or consultation

The above-mentioned freebies are part of free give-away strategies. The free stuff you offer may compel them to open the email and claim it. This will in turn improve your email open rate. 


When you decide that you want to run an email marketing campaign you must also keep a note of key data points of your campaign.

Any email marketing campaign must have data on who opened the email, who clicked the links in your email, which of the emails bounced back and which email id’s had your email in the spam box.

As I have mentioned before, spamming can really hurt your reputation.

So to tackle this you may want to look at spam checker tools that are free and available on the internet.

The email marketing company I use my self is called Active Campaign.

If you would like to know more about the Active campaign click here.

The other part is writing emails. Your emails must look professional in nature. 

So, if you cannot write the emails your self I suggest you buy the Affiliate suite. Affiliate suite is a kind of software where you can enter data by filling a form. Once you fill the form it will automatically generate a professional-looking email for you. 

In short, it will generate an email sequence for you. If you would like to know more about Affiliate Suite. Please click here.


It is important that you send the email to the right person with the right content at the right time and always remember email leads have a longer lifespan than social media leads as if social media gets banned you lose all of your leads at once. So, Keep Emailing!!!

That is all for the topic of powerful tips for email marketing.

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